Sunday School is in recess.  See you at Rally Day on Sunday, September 10th

Sunday School meets every Sunday from 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM. This includes confirmation classes for 7th, 8th and 9th grades. Special events during the year include:

  • Rally Day
  • Christmas Pageant
  • Bible Sunday
  • Vacation Bible School

 VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL   June 25-29, 2017

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Thank you

Sunday School Teachers!

A big thank you to our hardworking

volunteers from Sunday School this past year!

Superintendent: Michele Muscoreil

PreK/K: Bev Thore

1st/2nd: Patty Zehler

3rd/4th: Kathi and Mark Jegierski

5th/6th: Jodi Rospierski

Confirmation: Lauren Wild, Heidi and Wilson Wild

High School: Paul Schuler


We thank Kathi and Mark Jergierski since this was their last year teaching.

We welcome Judy Witucki for the fall to teach 3rd/4th grade.

We are in need of substitute teachers for the fall, please contact

Michele 716-553-0187 if you are interested.


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